welcome to me

Hello everybody! I’ve changed my name, and you can read about it on my new website: jayharley.com

I am now Jay Harley, my new driving license and all that is in process. It’s official.

If you still wish to follow me in the world of sosh, you can find me on Twits and Insta @mxJayHarley

I’ll be changing my FB name rather than starting anew, so if we’re friends there you’ll recognise me (eventually).

If you want to ask me about it I’m open to questions, also congratulations and compliments.

Hope to see you there for more of the same. But different. But same.  #JayHarley


About me…

It’s possible this is too many things, but I’m a freelance writer-director and producer, I’ve completed my second sitcom for BBC Radio Wales with Big Finish Audio, I’ve directed two short documentary films and seeking funding to direct a short drama I’ve written, with an incredibly talented cast and crew, plus writing a feature film script.

I’m always looking for talented writer-performers to collaborate with on radio, web and TV sitcom. Please contact me below if you’d like to meet for a coffee.

My CV can be downloaded here: Jay Harley CV 2018